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  Where we go on Pilgrimage
  Holy Land
- Christmas in the Holy Land
- Holy Land
- Nazareth, Tiberias, Bethlehem & Sea of Galilee
- Nazareth, Tiberias, Bethlehem & Tel Aviv
- Tiberias, Bethlehem & Sea of Galilee

- Medjugorje

- Lourdes - Hotel Astrid
- Lourdes - Hotel Helgon

Shrines of Italy
- Assisi & Rome
- Assisi, San Giovanni Rotondo & Sorrento
- Benevento & San Giovanni Rotondo
- Bologna, Loreto, San Giovanni Rotondo & Pompeii
- Florence, Siena, Assisi & San Giovanni Rotondo
- Pietrelcina & San Giovanni Rotondo
- Rome & Assisi
- Rome, Assisi, San Giovanni Rotondo & Sorrento
- San Giovanni Rotondo
- San Giovanni Rotondo & Highlights of Puglia
- San Giovanni Rotondo & Assisi
- San Giovanni Rotondo, Loreto & Lucca
- Shrines of Luisa Piccarreta, St. Pio and St. Philomena

- Fatima & Estoril
- Fatima - Santo Amaro

World Youth Day

Camino de Santiago
- Camino de Santiago

Poland and Churches of Eastern Europe

Shrines of France

Shrines of Belgium and France

St. Teresa of Avila

The Great War Commemoration Weekend

Steps of St. Paul and Highlights of Turkey

Shrines of Quebec


Divine Mercy Pilgrimage
- Divine Mercy Pilgrimage


Our Lady of Guadalupe

Fatima and Garabandal

Shrines of Germany

Austria and Switzerland
- Austria and Switzerland




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