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shrines of italy

Home to elaborate depictions of the Life of Our Lord and Our Lady

Shrines of ItalyShrines of ItalyShrines of Italy

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02 September 2024   Departing from Dublin - Assisi, San Giovanni Rotondo & Corato
7 nights

  Closed Group
10 September 2024   Departing from Dublin - Combined Pilgrimage / Holiday to San Giovanni Rotondo & Ostuni
7 nights

11 September 2024   Sold Out - Join waitlist
Departing from Dublin - San Giovanni Rotondo & Pietrelcina
5 nights

11 September 2024   Sold Out - Join waitlist
Departing from Dublin - San Giovanni Rotondo, Assisi & Rome
7 nights

20 September 2024   Departing from Dublin - Padre Pio Feast Day
5 nights

27 September 2024   Departing from Cork - Shrine of St. Maria Goretti, Padre Pio & St. Michael the Archangel
7 nights

28 September 2024   Departing from Dublin - San Giovanni Rotondo & Medjugorje
7 nights

01 October 2024   Led by the Irish Dominicans
Departing from Dublin - Assisi, Siena & Florence
7 nights

04 October 2024   Sold Out - Join waitlist
Departing from Dublin - San Giovanni Rotondo
3 nights

09 October 2024   Spiritual Director: Fr. Bryan Shortall OFM Cap.
Pietrelcina, San Giovanni Rotondo & Pompeii
Departing from Dublin - Irish Centre for Padre Pio Annual Pilgrimage
7 nights

10 October 2024   Departing from Dublin - Feast Day of Blessed Carlo Acutis
4 nights

12 October 2024   Departing from Shannon - San Giovanni Rotondo
4 nights

16 October 2024   Departing from Dublin - Assisi & San Giovanni Rotondo
7 nights

16 October 2024   Sold Out - Join waitlist
Fr. Mossie Brick
Departing from Shannon - Pietrelcina & San Giovanni Rotondo
7 nights

17 October 2024   Departing from Dublin - San Giovanni Rotondo
4 nights


Shrines of Italy

Shrines of Italy Pilgrimages

Italy - Land of Faith and Spirit
As the cradle of Catholicism, Italy has always been a destination for those who have made their faith a way of life. It is a land of pilgrimage - one of the foremost in the world - and is home to countless places of devotion and worship: San Giovanni Rotondo, the town where St. Padre Pio lived; Assisi, the birthplace of St. Francis and St. Clare; Monte Sant'Angelo, home to the oldest shrine in western Europe dedicated to the Archangel Michael; and in addition the numerous Eucharistic Miracles that have taken place over the centuries, relics of which can be found in Lanciano, Cascia and Orvieto, to name but a few . The ultimate destination however, for religious pilgrimages is undoubtedly Rome, the heart of Christianity and seat of the Catholic Church.

Shrines of Italy Programme

  • The Shrines of Italy
  • Rome
  • The Eternal City has a history and an appeal like no other city in the world. Here we learn of the history of men and women, popes and saints who have dedicated their lives to the Church and to spread the Christian message. Being the cradle of the Catholic Church, Rome has many sacred places of worship. The greatest of the city's monumental basilicas is without doubt St. Peter's Basilica with its unique collection of artistic and architectural masterpieces, erected over the tomb of St. Peter the Apostle.
  • San Giovanni Rotondo
  • The humble friar "Padre Pio of Pietrelcina" has been responsible for the transformation of the once remote agricultural town of San Giovanni Rotondo into an international place of pilgrimage. The sanctuary is home to some fine works of modern architecture and art however the Franciscan atmosphere is still very much present in the ancient Church of Our Lady of Grace and adjoining capuchin friary which remain untouched by time. The great work, "Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza", so much desired by the friar continues to flourish and is now one of the leading hospitals in Europe - Padre Pio of Pietrelcina is still very much present in the town of San Giovanni Rotondo.
  • Pietrelcina
  • The birthplace of Padre is without doubt one of the most unspoilt pilgrim destinations in Italy. In the quaint town one will learn of the early years of the future Padre Pio and with visits to his family home, the church where he was baptised and the parish church where he celebrated his first Mass one will begin to understand more and appreciate the many difficulties he had to overcome in order to fulfil his dream of becoming "a monk with a beard."
  • Assisi
  • Assisi continues to attract pilgrims from the world over who come to the birthplace of St. Francis and St. Clare. From the picturesque scenery surrounding the medieval town, the breath-taking works of art in the Basilica of St. Francis and the tranquil surroundings of the convent of San Damiano, Assisi is truly a place where nature, art and spirituality unite.
  • Loreto
  • The most treasured and venerated shrine of Our Lady throughout the world is that of the Holy House of Nazareth which is enshrined in the basilica in Loreto. According to tradition, transported by angels to the town of Loreto, the Holy House is the same house where Our Lady grew up and received the Annunciation. A pilgrimage destination since at least the 14th century, the flow of pilgrims arriving in the town of Loreto continues to this day.
  • Cascia and Roccaporena
  • Immersed in a natural landscape of rivers and streams, the monastery in Cascia was the home to St. Rita for forty years, where she lived as an Augustinian nun. Today pilgrims arrive in Cascia to ask for the intercession of St. Rita, Patron Saint of the Impossible and leave the town with a deep sense of relaxation and inner peace. In the nearby town of Roccaporena one will learn of the life of St. Rita as a daughter, wife, mother and widow with visits to her marital home, the Church of San Montana where she was married, the "Scoglio" where tradition has it that Rita ascended to pray and feel closer to God and the Garden of the Miracle where took place the famous miracle of the Rose and two figs.
  • Shrine of St. Philomena
  • The Shrine holds the sacred relics of St. Philomena. One can see the tiles from her tomb in Rome, the Miraculous Altar, the Miraculous Statue which exuded oil, the chair that the Venerable Pauline Jaricot was sitting on when she received her miracle. Saints and Blessed, Kings and Queens, Princes and paupers have all travelled to the Shrine of St. Philomena to invoke the great Wonderworker.
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