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Jubilee Year 2025 - Pilgrims of Hope


The Jubilee Year will offer the faithful opportunities to participate in various jubilee events which will begin with the ceremonious breaking of the seal on the Holy Door of St. Peter’s Basilica on the 24th of December.    Holy Door of St. Peters Basilica

The theme of Jubilee Year will be “Pilgrims of Hope,” a year of hope for a world suffering the impacts of war, and other serious crisis.

The year that will follow will be a special year of grace, in which the Catholic Church offers us the possibility of asking for a plenary indulgence, that is, the remission of sins for ourselves or for deceased relatives. It will be a year that will be filled with a rich calendar of events intended to strengthen and revive the faith.

Amongst the Jubilee Events taking place will be the Jubilee of Youth which will attract many young people from all corners of the world. In addition, the much-anticipated canonisation ceremony of Blessed Carlo Acutis, which has been confirmed to take place during this special year, proves to us all that “We are all called to be saints” –  words spoken by Pope Francis during his Papal Audience on the 19th of November 2014.

As a special year of grace for believers, the Jubilee Year will offer hope, solace, and rebirth to the many “Pilgrims of Hope” that will travel to these pilgrimage sites during this sacred time.


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